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Oct 18, 2018

Six Reasons to Work at Deseret Industries

Having a hard time finding or keeping a job? Need new skills, experience, or simply some direction? If you’re struggling with employment for any reason, Deseret Industries can help.

When you work at Deseret Industries, it isn’t just about a “job”—it’s about setting goals, acquiring skills, and jump-starting your career. Deseret Industries is a training program—we provide you with the support you need to find meaningful, long-term employment in a field that interests you. Our associates have become CNAs, realtors, machinists, commercial truck drivers, phlebotomists, teachers, and more.

How can Deseret Industries help you? While working at Deseret Industries, you can:

1) Earn a wage while receiving training. Those enrolled in our job program work at our stores and are paid for their labor.

2) Meet with a development counselor to set goals and define your career path. Our development counselors are certified professionals who can help you overcome challenges and make plans for your future.

3) Gain confidence and valuable job skills in a safe place. Whether you’re collecting donations, processing items, or cashiering, Deseret Industries is a safe place for you to learn, grow, and try new things. Our job coaches will work with you each day to help you find success.

4) Get additional education and certifications. Deseret Industries helps pay for some education, such as classes at technical or trade schools.

5) Receive on-the-job experience by working in our stores or participating in a business partnership. In a business partnership, Deseret Industries arranges for you to work at an outside company while we pay your wages. This internship-like opportunity allows you to get practical experience in your field of interest.

6) Be part of a team that cares about you. When you work at Deseret Industries, you have development counselors, job coach trainers, store staff, and fellow associates who are rooting for you and working to help you succeed.

Interested in joining us? Contact your nearest store and ask to speak with a development counselor.

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