Jun 5, 2017

See the Potential

A Piano’s Purpose

In our latest Deseret Industries music video, we follow the journey of a piano. Once loved by an accomplished pianist, the beautiful piano gets left behind, forgotten, and even somewhat ruined.

But the piano gets a chance at a new life when donated to the thrift store. While many passed quickly by, someone saw something different in this piano. Even though it was scratched and perhaps played a bit out of tune, it still had music inside. With some new paint, professional tuning, and caring hands, the piano again became something beautiful for a new generation of pianists.

As we brainstormed how to demonstrate the change that Deseret Industries can bring to a community, the idea of restoring a piano resonated with many of us. Our associates, the great people you see in our stores in the red aprons—stocking the shelves, ringing up your purchases, and helping you at the donation bay—are often in situations where they’ve been left behind and forgotten. Others may have given up on them, or they may have even given up on themselves. However, a little polish and some gentle care are often all it takes to restore something, or someone, and provide another chance at life.

Deseret Industries is a place where both goods and people can gain new life. Primarily, Deseret Industries exists to provide associates with job training and individualized guidance so that they can find a career in a field that interests them. In addition, Deseret Industries provides new life to used goods. People donate unneeded items, and someone else gives those items a new home.

Just like the journey of this piano, at Deseret Industries we see limitless potential in our associates on their individual journeys. We are grateful to our donors and shoppers for providing a fresh perspective in their lives and helping them to find their own melody.

Listen to the music, and you will find that there is potential all around you.

Learn more about our piano campaign and about our piano giveaway.

Also, if you’re in the Salt Lake City area this summer, keep your eyes (and ears!) open for some pianos that just might be popping up around the city, ready for you to play. We mean it when we say stay tuned!

Piano Giveaway

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