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Oct 23, 2019

Scarecrow Costume: DI Halloween

Marg and Liz
Fancy Farmgirls

Deseret Industries is an excellent resource for putting together fun and unique Halloween costumes. Plus, all purchases from Deseret Industries help our associates get job training, so you can put together a great costume and help your community at the same time.

Check out these scarecrow costumes that our friends Margaret and Elizabeth from Fancy Farmgirls put together and learn how to make your own DI scarecrow costume.

Halloween is fast approaching, which means we need costumes! We ventured into our local Deseret Industries without an idea—and came out with the makings for everything we needed to pull together a quick, inexpensive costume x 2!

We came across a hula skirt and thought that seemed a little chilly this time of year. But then we noticed that it looked a lot like straw! Bingo! Scarecrow costumes are a perfect fit for two Fancy Farmgirls.

The makings of our scarecrow costumes.

We quickly found two matching plaid shirts, which we can use for our costumes and in our fall wardrobes for the rest of the season. We then picked up some cowboy boots and hats. There were blue jeans a plenty, but we couldn’t find any bib overalls that particular day. But not to be deterred—we got some jeans and decided to make them into bib overalls!

Step 1: Find shorts that remind you of bib overalls.

Step 2: Cut the shorts down the center.

Step 3: Cut the waistband off a second pair of shorts, and use them to make suspenders. You can sew them on or use hot glue, which is what we did. All good projects include a hot glue gun!

Step 4: Glue the extra fabric behind the bib. Cut the hula skirt into straw pieces. Fill the pocket of the bib with straw.

Step 5: Glue the bib to a pair of blue jeans.

From a pile of miscellaneous thrift store finds, a bit of creativity, and a hot glue gun, we came up with a fun and easy costume—easy peasy scarecrows!

Our favorite part of the costume? We get to support DI and all it stands for!

What You Need to Make a Scarecrow Costume

  • Hula skirt
  • Overalls or jeans to make your own
  • Cowboy boots
  • Farm hat
  • Hot glue
  • Plaid shirt

Marg and Liz are the Fancy Farmgirls—two twin sisters who love secondhand finds. Visit their website or Instagram to see more of their work.