Apr 25, 2023

Meet Raul: Associate Profile

When Raul and his wife were unable to return to their native country because of COVID-19, Raul began looking for work in the United States. He met a Spanish-speaking employee at Deseret Industries and learned that English was not a requirement to work as an associate.

In response, Raul pursued a job with DI and is now an associate himself. He is processing shoe donations and working to incorporate the advice he receives.

“I’m very grateful to the management of Deseret Industries for bringing me here,” Raul says. “They are very good people.”

Raul is also taking English classes through DI. While challenging, he is making progress on the language and appreciates how DI supports its employees.

“It’s a good place to work,” Raul says. “This is a place to help people in all aspects.”