May 7, 2024

Meet Nelson: Associate Profile

“A smile is good for anyone,” says Nelson, who currently works as a DI associate. 

Nelson always looks for ways that he can brighten someone’s day. He is motivated to be kind by his belief in God. 

“I like people,” he says. “I want to serve others.” 

Before coming to the United States, Nelson worked at a communications company in his native country of Ecuador. He had opportunities to supervise other employees and developed connections built on mutual respect. 

“I [appreciate] when others show empathy and understanding,” Nelson says.

thrift store employee smiles as he hangs a t-shirt

Nelson’s desire to use his own talents for good was a large part of the reason he came to work at Deseret Industries. He has now been a DI associate for a year and appreciates the chance to improve his workplace skills through the DI job training program. 

“My experience at DI has been very good,” Nelson says. “This work is a very good opportunity for me.” 

One of Nelson’s work goals is to improve his English. He has opportunities to improve his English through interactions with other DI employees and also puts in significant effort when he is away from the job. 

“I practice English in my house for two hours every day,” Nelson says. “One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.” 

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