Oct 16, 2021

Meet John: Job Coach Profile

For two years, John has been a job coach at DI. His role is to help associates receive training and experience that will allow them to move on to the next step in their career.
“Most job coaches would say they’re [at DI] because it feels good to be a part of something bigger,” John says. “You can go home each day and say, ‘Yeah, I helped.’”
That feeling is ultimately what drove John to DI in the first place. “I was in a stagnant job that paid well, but it didn’t do anything for me personally,” he says. “When I saw the job application [for DI], I knew that I could make a difference.”
Through his position, John is able to help associates learn fundamental work behaviors that are industry-specific, allowing them to overcome barriers that stand in their way to employment opportunities elsewhere.
“I know that once I've made a connection with the associates, I can help change behavior,” John says. “Then I can help inspire them, motivate them, and help them find within themselves the desire to improve. What keeps me here is making those connections and feeling like I can make a difference.”
DI Job Coach