Mar 21, 2023

Meet Jesse: Associate Profile

“I try to motivate myself to make sure that the customer leaves happier than they were when they came in,” says Jesse, who is employed as a DI associate. He takes pride in his work and hopes to be able to continue providing outstanding customer service in future employment positions.

For now, Jesse is focused on how to become a marketable employee. In fact, his desire to learn is what drove him to pursue his associate position in the first place.

“I came to DI for the career opportunities and to be able to grow and expand my knowledge about the workplace,” Jesse notes.

Since then, Jesse has been working on goals to further his professional development. One of his current objectives is to practice the skills that will prepare him to be a team lead.

“I’ve been working to upkeep areas and upkeep the good flow of energy throughout the sales floor with co-workers,” Jesse says. “I make sure everything gets done properly when my manager isn’t there. Later down the road, I’m going to start learning about other areas of the store and how to manage them.”

DI associate Jesse