Jan 22, 2022

Meet David: Job Coach Profile

David is a job coach at DI. His role is to help associates learn important workplace skills, develop a sense of confidence, and be prepared to take on new job opportunities. Of his position, David explains, “Do as Christ taught and love thy neighbor. Love them as you would want to be loved yourself. Teach them the correct path and how to stay on the correct path.” 

That is precisely what David has done over the three and a half years he has worked for DI. He loves the chance he has to work with associates and see them succeed.

David remembers one associate who overcame addiction and has gone on to be successful at a new job. “Now he’s very happy. He’s not on substances of any kind anymore, and he still keeps in contact with me," David says. "It’s really cool to see him progress.”

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DI job coach, David