Aug 8, 2023

Meet Caleb: Customer Profile

This is Caleb—one of DI’s frequent customers. Caleb graduated from high school last year, is working as a chef at a local restaurant, and loves thrifting in his free time.

“Sometimes my friends and I just come to DI when we’re bored,” Caleb says. “My friends like to look through the electronics and the yard area because you can find some really cool stuff there.”

Among the notable items Caleb and his friends have found at DI are an Apple Watch, a mini ping-pong table, and a pair of Nike Air Force 1s. But Caleb also likes shopping for everyday items, such as clothes.

“I actually found these jeans here,” Caleb says, pointing at his pants.

Aside from the great finds, Caleb enjoys shopping at DI because of the atmosphere.

“It’s just fun,” Caleb says. “Everybody here is laid back.”

Caleb grew up in Utah and has been familiar with DI throughout his life. He and his family have donated gently used items on several occasions.

“My mom will have these big trash bags in her basement, and we just put stuff in that we don't need anymore,” Caleb says. “A lot of the stuff is from people outgrowing it, and it's perfectly fine, so we donate it.”

DI shopper tries on sunglasses