May 28, 2024

Generations of Job Training at Deseret Industries

When asked why she came to work at Deseret Industries, AJ said it was because of her mom. 

“My mom used to work at DI when she was new to Utah,” AJ says. “She didn't understand English, so she worked here. After that, I felt like joining too.” 

AJ’s family moved to Utah from Nepal 14 years ago, when she was only 5 years old. Her mother was looking for work when she heard about DI's job training program, which has been training job seekers since 1938. 

“We went to church and the bishop helped us find her a job where she could learn English and work at the same time.”

Deseret Industries employee smiles as she learns job skills

After gaining job experience at DI, taking an English course from the Church, and practicing her English at work, AJ’s mother found employment as a housekeeper at a local university. 

Like her mother before her, AJ created a resume on her own and is starting to apply for jobs. Her resume has been enhanced with the skills she has learned at DI, including professionalism, retail customer service, and teamwork. 

In addition to the resume-building skills she has learned through the job training program, AJ has learned the importance of building relationships with others in the workplace. Her favorite part about working at DI is working with her fellow associate Natalia. 

“We're together so much,” AJ says. “She’s worked here longer than me, so she helps me with things.” 

Learn more about DI's job training program and how it supports families like AJ’s by visiting our About Us page.