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Oct 17, 2020

DIY Challenge: Upcycling a Set of Hatboxes

Kimbo West
A Girl and a Glue Gun

We at Deseret Industries recently challenged some DIY friends to upcycle some items from Deseret Industries. To make things more interesting, we picked the items! Each of our participants was mailed a mystery box of items to transform. Here’s what Kimbo from @agirlandagluegun did.

My mystery box challenge was to upcycle a set of three hatboxes!

I had so many ideas of fun things to do with them as a set—a set of shelves, a cute stacked pumpkin for a fall porch, or a cake stand! But instead I opted to show you three fun different ideas on what to do if you stumble upon a set of hatboxes at Deseret Industries!

Idea #1: Seasonal Door Wreath

I used the biggest hat box for this project. I cut apart the lid and spray-painted the box to give it a galvanized tin look. I stuck some styrofoam in the bottom of the box so I could add flowers easily—so easily that I could swap out different flowers for each season if I wanted! Then I drilled holes on the side so I could hang it up with a ribbon on my front porch.

Idea #2: Art Kit Box

This art kit is perfect if you are doing online schooling: all your supplies in one cute box! I drilled holes into lid to make it look like a button (totally optional!). Then I painted the box to match my daughter’s room. I made some inserts out of foam core board to slide inside the box to keep the art supplies apart.

I filled the box with markers, tape, colored pencils, glue, scissors, a hole punch, washi tape— anything you might need to do a fun art project!

Idea #3: Frankenstein’s Monster Box

This little guy is one of my favorites! So cute! I started by painting him and gluing on two button eyes and some black hair on the inside of the lid. Then I created some little bolts to stick out of his neck! You could find some round objects at your local Deseret Industries to use as bolts—just spray-paint and hot-glue them on.

I also thought you could make an adorable snowman or even a cute leprechaun.

Those are my three projects! And I have a few more ideas on what to do with hatboxes—so I think I need to go thrifting at Desert Industries to see if I can score another set!

Kimbo is a craft lover and mom of three from Idaho. Some of her favorite things include her glue gun, rain, and pajama pants. Find her on Instagram or visit her blog.