Could you redo a room in your home with items from Deseret Industries, $500, and five weeks? That’s the challenge we gave to eight different households. Watch the episodes below to see what our participants did!

Watch the Project DI Series

Season 2

Caitlin and Saren Renovate a Living Room

Caitlin uses items from DI to renovate her music room with the help of her friend Saren.

Celeste and Brixton Create a Nursery

Celeste and Brixton use items found at DI to create a woodland-themed nursery.

Joe and Mary Ann Redo a Guest Room

In this episode, Joe and Mary Ann take on the Project DI challenge and redo a guest room in their home.

Mallory Creates a Craft Room

Mallory turns her second bedroom into a craft room. Here, she'll have a creative space to relax and unwind in her free time.

Season 1

Brian Designs a Teen Boys Bedroom

Brian Clark is a professional interior designer, and his Project DI was a new bedroom for his teenage son.

Cade and Ashley Create a Playroom

For their Project DI, Cade and Ashley furnished a playroom for their kids.

Callan and Holly Make a Home Office

Callan and Holly are a young couple living in a downtown apartment. Their Project DI? Create a home office space.

Linda and Roy Redecorate a Bedroom

Linda and Roy are longtime DI shoppers. They took on the Project DI challenge to redo a bedroom in their home.

Extra Tips and Tricks

Want to know how our participants pulled off their challenges? Here are some of their secrets!

How to Spray-Paint Furniture

Linda and Roy’s secret? Spray paint! You can use spray paint on a lot of items, and it will totally change the look and feel.

How to Make Your Own Woven Bulletin Board

Brian used fabric dye, a frame, and woven belts to make a unique bulletin board for his son’s room. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.

How to Make a Baby Mobile

Learn how to make your own baby mobile like Celeste and Brixton’s using items from DI.

How to Cut and Size Frames

Watch and learn as Joe demonstrates how to resize any thrifted frame.

How to Make Chalk Paint

Watch as Mary Ann demonstrates how to make your own chalk paint in this step-by-step tutorial. 

How to Make a Book Lamp

Learn how to make a lamp out of thrifted books by following this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Paint and Upcycle a Desk

Watch as Mallory shows how to paint and upcycle a thrifted desk from Deseret Industries.

What’s Your Project DI?

You don’t have to have any special talents to use Deseret Industries in your life! Whether you’re a shopper redoing a room in your home, a donor decluttering your space, or an associate working toward a future career, you can use Deseret Industries to create something great. What will your Project DI be? Share what you do using #ProjectDI.