More Than a Job

"I came to work every day with a determination to do the best job that I could.”

When my bishop told me about the program at Deseret Industries, I had not worked full-time for seven years. This was very unusual for me, because I had worked a full-time job since I was 17 years old. At this time, however, I had been unable to find suitable work due to some problems in my past. For 18 years I had worked as a registered nurse, and I didn't know who I was if I wasn't a nurse anymore. Eventually, there was nothing left of our worldly wealth, including our house. I was a broken person, body and spirit.

I began at Deseret Industries working in collectibles, shoes, and domestics. I was very nervous, and not sure if I was worthy or capable of having a job. I had convinced myself over the past seven years that I was unemployable. Still, I came to work every day with a determination to do the best job that I could. I worked very hard.

With every job assignment, I tried to be kind and remember that, just like me, others had their challenges to overcome. After only three months, I was asked to become a cashier. A month later, I was made the lead cashier. Finally, I was assigned a position where I had most of the privileges of being a front end manager.

I am surprised to look back at myself during this time, when this job grew to become more than just a job. I sincerely wanted to be an example to others in how I lived my life. I stopped taking all unnecessary prescription drugs, knowing that in the future they could become a slippery slope, and having the faith that I could manage my life without them. I went to church and put my whole heart into doing my Church responsibilities, even when I was asked to do things that scared me. I was trustworthy.

My job coaches, who became my good friends, spent many hours helping me to overcome my fears about leaving the DI program to find a new job.  Still, the transition to the Associate Placement Program (APP) was not easy. I was scared that there was nowhere for me to go. I had been working toward having a clean record but wasn't sure it would happen in time to help me get a job. Waiting made me crazy and I was very unhappy; however, I had amazing support and encouragement. The missionaries from LDS Employment Services and others from APP kept telling me that God had a job for me where I would be truly happy. They kept reminding me that I needed to have faith.

I was at the breaking point when it happened—I did get a great job that I really like. I am an administrative assistant for a medical billing company, with a lot of responsibilities. My new boss is encouraging, grateful, and continues to give me more responsibility. It is a job where I am comfortable and appreciated. 

I loved my time at Deseret Industries and I am so appreciative of the experience I had there. I have worked so hard to change my life and it has worked out. I am very happy.

“I was at the breaking point when it happened—I did get a great job that I really like.”

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