A Second Chance

“I was suffering from the pains of addiction and had hit rock bottom.”

Before I began the Deseret Industries (DI) training program, my successes at home and professionally were few and far between. I was suffering from the pains of addiction and had hit rock bottom. I wanted to change and needed help. I had become somewhat familiar with the great opportunities at DI and applied to see if I would be allowed a second chance myself.

Through the DI program, I received hands-on job skills training. This helped me to build my confidence. When I was made a lead associate, I was able to develop my leadership and interpersonal skills. This training also gave me an opportunity to help other associates to be more successful. Seeing them succeed brought me great joy and satisfaction.

I was concerned that my past challenges would keep me from pursuing the career path I desired; however, right from the beginning, the staff at DI was there to support me. Joining with the staff were my mentor, the Church's addiction recovery program missionaries, Church leaders, and my family and friends at home. Then, through countless miracles and tender mercies from a loving Heavenly Father, I began to realize that my dreams were attainable. I was offered the opportunity to receive educational assistance, with DI paying for my tuition and materials. I will be attending school to become a certified nursing assistant and entering a business partnership with a local senior care provider. My eventual goal is to earn my degree as a registered nurse.

Through the DI program, I also participated in a Church addiction recovery program meeting each week. This helped me greatly in my recovery from my addiction and helped me rebuild my personal relationships. When I had struggles or obstacles, I always had a listening ear, supportive and helpful beyond the extra mile.

My experience at DI is much more than training for a job; I’ve learned that DI is a place where a person can become a little bit more than he or she currently is. I am active at church and now have my beautiful little daughter living with me. We are so happy together. I have been given back my independence and freedom and have received that second chance.

“I began to realize that my dreams were attainable.”

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