Recovering from Loss

“Deseret Industries has helped me learn and understand that my self-worth... is great.”

I came to work at Deseret Industries after experiencing some serious losses. I lost my father to leukemia, and my wife and children to divorce. I lost my home and nearly all of my possessions. I lost my ability to hold down a good paying job and my career in engineering. I also lost my self-respect and dignity as my downward spiral brought me to absolute rock bottom. Then, Deseret Industries came into my life.

I was living in a halfway house, searching for a job, when a local community agency gave me vouchers for goods at Deseret Industries. I used the vouchers to get a winter coat and boots, but while I was there, I found something I needed much more—the DI training program. I learned how it provides job training and assistance for finding new employment. When I received a referral and put in my application, my life began to change.

The Deseret Industries program is about more than doing a job. It is about training, work habits, life skills, taking classes, and setting and achieving goals. I had a job coach trainer I met with weekly. We set goals and monitored my progress. We talked about what was going on in my life, both inside and outside of work. My job coach helped me identify obstacles to my goals and plan ways to overcome them. The longer we worked together, the more our meetings seemed to be about my successes.

While working as a cashier, my feelings of self-worth began to return. I enjoyed interacting with people again. I enjoyed the little things I could do that would put a smile on a person’s face and maybe help them have a better day. I started making good life decisions again. My positive actions at work were rewarded with advancement and increased responsibility. All this helped my self-esteem, and consequently, my relationship with my children returned. Deseret Industries has helped me learn and understand that my self-worth—everyone’s self-worth—is great. We are all children of God. 

During my last week in the DI program, I was accepted into graduate school. I found a job in the community which provides me with housing and part-time work while I attend classes. I talk with my kids weekly and they are proud of their dad. I am confident once again and feel that I can handle whatever things life throws at me. Thank you DI for helping me recognize my value as a person and for the training and experiences that gave me the hope for a life I thought I had lost.

“The longer we worked together, the more our meetings seemed to be about my successes.”

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