The Program Works!

“My job coach must have seen something in me that I could not see in myself”

When I lost my job and was unable to find a new one, my bishop referred me to the Deseret Industries (DI) training program. After I started the program, my job coach met with me every week. He was interested in me and what I was doing. He asked me about my life and where I wanted to go. Feeling that there was someone who cared helped me to focus on meeting my goals.

As I met with my job coach, I was uncertain about what I wanted to do for work. He continued to encourage me to work hard when I was scheduled, be on time, and work the full hours I was assigned. He and my development counselor were always there to help me make decisions about my future and set reasonable goals for myself. I discussed with them how I had an associate’s degree in accounting but that it had been a very long time ago. I was told that DI could help me return to school, so I asked for help. I was enrolled in an accounting course to refresh my skills.

Working at DI helped me feel better about myself. I was able to improve my self-esteem and open my mind to new possibilities. My job coach must have seen something in me that I could not see in myself, because I was asked to be a lead over other associates. I didn’t think that I could do this assignment, but with his support and encouragement, I was successful. As the lead, I had to talk with other associates to train them and to direct our work. Before I was asked to be a lead, I was shy and hid in a corner and didn’t talk to anyone. I now feel comfortable talking to people, both in person and on the phone. This increased self-confidence really helped me when it came time to get another job.

To help me with my job search, I was enrolled in the Advanced Placement Program. This is a program where DI pays associates while they are receiving extra support and counseling to find new employment. Searching for a job is hard. I had to contact companies and talk to people face-to-face. My experience from being a lead gave me the confidence and skills I needed to do this. With support and encouragement, and after only four weeks in the program, I had three interviews lined up for the same day. As each interview ended, I was offered a job on the spot. At the end of the day, I had completed the three interviews and had three job offers! I could hardly believe it! I never thought that I would get to choose from three offers!

I learned so very much while I was at DI and now have a new and better future. I also have improved my relationships with members of my family, because my experience taught me how to communicate better and how to say what I feel. I recommend the DI to anyone who is willing to try. If you don’t try, then it doesn’t work. If you try, the program works!

Feeling that there was someone who cared helped me to focus on meeting my goals.”

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