The Blessings from Training at DI

“I had a feeling of complete peace and knew this was the right thing at this time.”

Following the death of my 16-year-old son, I thought I had just survived my worst nightmare—until my husband of almost 26 years sat me down and said, “We are getting a divorce.”

I needed to find work. At 57, even with a degree, it seemed impossible that anyone would hire me. During one of my many visits to LDS Employment Resource Services, I learned that Deseret Industries (DI) was hiring new associates. I was hesitant because I thought the training program at DI was only for those who had severe challenges. I felt that, yes, I was down and hurting, but I was healthy and intact. I couldn’t accept that I too needed the blessings from training at DI.

After enrolling in the training program, I had a feeling of complete peace and knew this was the right thing at this time. I knew the Lord wanted me there, and it felt good.

I was assigned to the small as-is section, which was a great blessing because it included books. I love books. Also, I quickly caught on to the store’s organization method. The first major problem I ran up against, however, was the need to be on my feet for seven hours each shift. I could hardly walk for that last hour. It took quite a few weeks until I toughened up. Still, I felt that the Lord wanted me to be working hard at this.

Right from the start, my job coach was attentive, helping me with my goals and action steps and keeping me on track with taking additional classes. Without this encouragement, I know that the depressed state I was in would have kept me from putting forth the effort to keep going. When someone cares and is checking up on you, it helps you to follow through with what you told that person you were going to do. There were days when I couldn’t keep from crying, even at work, and my job coach was compassionate and caring. Everyone was very kind and considerate.

My work associates were great, and I made many friends. It helped me to hear their stories and what they hoped to do with their futures. Before long, I felt like part of a family, kidding around with the others, sharing some of my issues, and listening to some of theirs. With that kind of association and feeling, the hours tended to pass quickly.

My friends and neighbors are proud of me, and it feels good. Another woman in my neighborhood needed work also, and when she saw what I was doing at DI, she applied and began work too.

I plan on working as a school librarian and have been accepted into a program. Because I have worked hard to prove myself, DI has offered to pay for my first two classes.

My life is better since I began training at DI. I have more confidence. I know I can do whatever it takes to succeed. I know I am capable of tackling the most difficult challenges and conquering them. I know that the Lord is guiding me.

“I know I am capable of tackling the most difficult challenges and conquering them.”

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