Things Are Getting Better and Better

“Success is possible, if you have a teachable heart.”

I was the only boy, born into a poor family in Mexico. Because I was needed to help my father in the corn fields, I was unable to go to school. Ever since I was a little boy, I heard about people who came to the United States. I dreamed life was better there. I thought it would be good to go there someday. When I was 25 years old, I came to the United States to work as an agricultural worker, picking olives, oranges, and cherries. While working in Nevada, I met missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who taught me English. I joined the Church.

When I was out of work, my branch president referred me to Deseret Industries. It was someplace I could work that did not require an education or special skills. I was hired and began working in the large as-is-department, where I helped with the furniture. I also worked at the donation dock. Working at DI helped me learn how to organize things, improved my people skills, and provided opportunities for me to be kind to others.  

Work at DI is good work. I felt support at DI and I knew they cared about me. Everyone that works there is always smiling and treats one another well. I always felt good there. I was happy.

It was my goal to study mechanics. After being at DI for 11 months, I was offered an opportunity to participate in a business partnership. I learned about being a mechanic and can now work on my car to keep it running.

Deseret Industries helped me to find a job, so things are getting better and better for me. I keep improving.

I would recommend DI to others. Working at DI is a very special environment with special people. As I search my feelings, I build upon the good part to do the Father’s will. Success is possible, if you have a teachable heart.

“When I was out of work, my branch president referred me to Deseret Industries.”

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