The DI Helped Me Overcome Addiction

"I’m so grateful for Deseret Industries and all the staff for helping me live again."

Before I had the opportunity to work at Deseret Industries, I struggled for many years with various addictions, which hindered my ability to find and keep a job. I heard from different sources within the Church that the DI would be a good place for me to check into to help with my addictions. While still in active addiction, I met with bishops and the DI staff, never considering that I would actually be able to work at the DI, but just in case I thought, “why not?” 

In 2011, I decided enough was enough and agreed to go into treatment.  When I was nearing the end of the three-month addiction program, I felt impressed to find out what the possibility of finding a job at the DI was. Within a day of this impression, I called and to my surprise the DI was ready for me to start that same week. It was nothing short of a miracle that I was able to transition from treatment into a job right away. I knew it was extremely important for me to stay busy during this time and to be around a good, stable, working environment.

The staff at Deseret Industries will never fully understand just how much they did for me during the next year of my life. I was trained both on the dock and sales floor. Then I moved into the front and worked as a cashier. This is where I learned great customer service skills and that really helped me with my future job.  After working hard for a couple months, I decided to pursue a college degree.  I had been unable to do so over the years because of my addictions, but I felt confident that the time had come to try again. One year later, it’s surreal to think that I am currently working towards an undergrad degree in computer science at the University of Arizona.

While school has been such a blessing in my life, it is but a symptom of the real blessing that is my restored faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement. Without this, my past would continue to destroy me today and would never allow me to move on. I am a living testimony that God does not forget His children, no matter how lost we think we are.

After leaving DI, I was hired at a local science center and planetarium, which is so much fun I don’t know why they pay me!  I’m so grateful for Deseret Industries and all the staff for helping me live again.  They helped saved my life.

“I am a living testimony that God does not forget His children, no matter how lost we think we are.”

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