A Need to Be Independent

“My past jobs left me without the experience new employers were looking for.”

I needed to be independent and support myself and my three girls.  The job I had was not one that had a future, and my past employment left me without the experience new employers were looking for. So I was referred by my bishop to Deseret Industries, with the hope I could improve my opportunities by obtaining a high school diploma.

I first worked in small as-is sales and then in clothing production. I became a skilled worker in pricing, tagging, and sizing. Thanks to my job coaches and coworkers, I learned a lot of new skills, but in particular, I learned how to work with many different types of people and how to be a leader.  I was raised in a tough environment, and had not learned how to communicate well with others. My DI experience taught me how to improve relationships through communicating my feelings and frustrations openly and in a positive way. My mentor was a strong woman who was hard working and a huge supporter for improving the quality of life within our local community. She was my role model.

With the support and help of the Church service missionaries from the LDS Employment Resource Center, I began pursuing my high school diploma. I was able to achieve that goal by getting some needed tutoring.   It wasn’t long before I found a good job.  I am very excited to start a new life and I am thankful for the DI’s help in preparing me to provide for my family.   

“I am thankful for the DI's help in preparing me to provide for my family.”    

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