More than Coincidence

“Nobody wanted to hire an older worker.”

For over eight years I did janitorial work for the same company until, without warning, I was let go. A new company had taken over the janitorial contract. Finding new employment as an older worker proved to be hard, even with my many years of work experience. My bishop heard about my situation and thought that Deseret Industries (DI) would be a good place for me to be while I built up my skills and continued to look for work. I quickly got situated in a janitorial position at DI and started making many friends. My job coach met with me every week to make sure I was working my plan and working toward getting another job.

I had a lot to offer a new employer, yet after several months of searching for more permanent employment and not finding any, I began to get very discouraged. Nobody wanted to hire an older worker. Then one day, the manager who has DI’s janitorial contract was visiting with the store manager. When he saw a pile of applications for new DI associates on the desk, he asked the store manager, “I know that you hire people and get them work at the DI, but do you also help place people into jobs?” Our store manager then explained how the DI program works and its mission. The man’s next question was, “Do you know of someone who would like to work for me?” Thinking of me, my store manager replied, “Yes, I do!”

It just so happened that I was working at DI that day. I was introduced to the manager of the janitorial company. He told me to apply online and put his name as a reference. After I submitted the application, I got a call the next day for an interview. Everything moved very quickly from that point, and I was hired as a janitor. I actually am working at the same facility where I had worked before.

I am now able to support myself and my wife. I know that this was not mere coincidence—Heavenly Father was looking out for me. I know that the DI is part of Heavenly Father’s work. I am so grateful for the blessings of self-sufficiency it has brought back into my life. 

“I am now able to support myself and my wife.”

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