My Life Is Restored

“I won a job that I love!”

I left high school a couple of months into my senior year and never saw a need to finish school or take the GED. I found several jobs back then, when hard work and common sense were enough to get a man through. I worked for a printing company for 28 years as a master printer, until one day I was hit by a car while riding my bike to work. The accident left me with a broken leg and crushed hip. I suffered through surgeries, hospital stays, and weeks upon weeks of recuperation.

My job at the printers was held for me, so that when I was able to work again I walked right back into my old position. However, the ownership and management of the company changed, and I soon found myself without a job. Because I lacked computer skills and education, I was unable to find a new position. Without a job, I became homeless and lived on the streets for some time.

I sought out whatever resources might be open to me. Workforce Services paid for me to go to school, where I obtained my CDL. The Food and Care Coalition helped me obtain food and temporary shelter. It was there that I met Gordon, a local businessman and WWII veteran, who owned a vacant warehouse. He needed a live-in caretaker and offered me that position. I gladly accepted. Gordon also introduced me to the Deseret Industries training program. We found the bishop in the area I lived in, and he was happy to write a request for services for me. Gordon became my mentor.

Meeting, greeting, and serving customers just seemed natural, and working as a cashier came easy. I did so well that within a few months they asked me to be a lead over other associates. With that responsibility I gained supervisory and customer service skills that will be used for the rest of my life.

A Church-service missionary at the DI met with me to help me learn computer basics. Having fundamental computer skills, I was able to prepare a resume and began to apply for jobs online. My CDL certification should have brought me many responses; however, there were none. I had excellent training and certification, but I lacked a GED. Our focus immediately changed to preparing me to take the GED test. I struggled with the math portion, but the day finally came that I passed!

It had been over two years since I began my training at DI, and it was time for me to move forward. I applied for a great position that not only let me use my CDL certification, but added extensive training to it. I won a job that I love! I am very grateful for all those who provided the help I needed to change and restore my life. 

“I gained supervisory and customer service skills that will be used for the rest of my life.”

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