Inspired to Be Better

“The staff at Deseret Industries treated me with unconditional love.”

I was laid off from my job and spent three long years unemployed. Being an alcoholic, I found myself in and out of jail. I was without hope until I heard about Deseret Industries. With a referral from my bishop, I was accepted into the DI training program.

I was grateful for the opportunity, but insecure. On my first day, I came to work intoxicated. I was sent home with a friend. Days later, I was once again in jail for intoxication. Deseret Industries continued to reach out and accepted me back into the program. The staff at Deseret Industries treated me with unconditional love. That was the last time I drank.

The understanding and caring support I received at Deseret Industries helped me to regain hope for my future. The staff there saved my life! I grew to love our morning devotionals. I also attended the LDS 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program, directed by two wonderful and devoted missionaries. I was supported, encouraged, and inspired to be better.

I have been truly blessed by working at Deseret Industries. I have now been sober for over seven months, the longest amount of time in 25 years. I am back in college and preparing to start in a business partnership. Through this experience I have rediscovered God in my life and hope for my future. 

"Through this experience I have re-discovered God in my life and hope for my future."

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