DI―My First Job

“They were with me every step of the way.”

I had begun looking for my first job, but it was difficult because I had no job experience. My bishop thought Deseret Industries (DI) would be a great place to start. We knew that if I was to successfully transition into the world of work, I would need some help.

To my surprise, DI helped me with more than just providing work for me. I also received job skills training and support for improving work behaviors to make me an even more valuable employee. I found it hard to do everything I was taught to do, but my job coach was there for me. I learned many new skills including customer service, merchandising a sales floor, and cashiering. My development counselor taught me what I needed to do to find good placement opportunities. With this support, I saw my life begin to change. I was motivated and able to work through whatever was challenging.

My family can see the change. I have new work habits and life skills. I am now more mature and a better person than I was before. My experience at DI has taught me that when I set goals, I can achieve them. One of these goals was to find new employment, and I am now a cashier in the cafeteria of a large hospital.

I am grateful for the DI training program and the support I received there. I recommend DI to people who are trying to better themselves and improve their lives. There is a great atmosphere at DI with people who are willing to help. They were with me every step of the way. Today everything is different for me.

My family can see the change.”

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