Self-Reliant and Confident

“My training taught me important job skills and attitudes.”

I am an immigrant, and my English was not very good. I needed to find employment to help support my family. Leaders in my ward told me about the Deseret Industries (DI) training program and how it would help me to improve my English and job skills.

They were right! I was able to practice my English in a safe environment, and I also took ESL classes. My training taught me important job skills and attitudes. I learned the value of teamwork and the importance of being on time and ready to work. I learned to do my assigned tasks fast and effectively and to help others on my team to do their very best. I learned how to be a responsible employee and how important this is to employers.

By helping me with my English and giving me an opportunity to obtain work experience in the U.S., this program helped me to find a good job working in the cafeteria at a university. What I learned at DI really has helped me. I use the teamwork skills that I practiced at DI with my new team. Because of my training at DI, I go to work each day confident I am a valuable employee.

Working at DI was a blessing. I felt happy knowing the work I was doing helped others. I am also grateful for the support I received as I worked toward my goals. My job coach helped me set my goals, and the positive feedback I received really helped me to improve.

Being self-reliant is very important to me. I now have a good job that I feel great about, and I am able to help my family. I know that my DI experience has changed my life for the good.

“Because of my training at DI, I go to work each day confident I am a valuable employee.”

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