Life Changing

“I needed to learn what was expected of a good employee”

I came from Africa with my five children. I had worked in a few jobs, but the culture in America is very different from what I was used to and I couldn’t keep them. I needed to learn what was expected of a good employee so I could succeed in supporting my family without any government assistance. To find my dream job, I also needed improved job skills and better English.

At the Humanitarian Center, I worked with ESL teachers and Church-service missionaries to learn English, especially to read and write. Now I have learned better English and I am no longer nervous about talking to others. I was even able to go to job interviews by myself.

My job coach helped me learn what was expected of a good employee. She was very honest with me about things, like how important it is to be on time. As a single mom, it was very difficult for me to learn how to be both a good employee and a good mom. I would try my best and get advice from my job coach, mentor, and development counselor on how I could balance taking care of my family with the demands of my job. I would then come up with ideas for things to do to be successful at home and at work.

I took a class on how to look for a job and practiced interviewing with my job coach. My job coach, the Church-service missionaries, the development counselor, and LDS Employment Resource Services helped me look for a new job. When a good opportunity came up, my job coach helped me apply. I went for an interview and felt prepared to answer the questions. I did well and they offered me a job.

My life has completely changed. I have a good job and can take care of myself and my family. My job provides us with enough money and good benefits. I feel I will be strong forever. I want to thank everyone involved—my development counselor, job coach, ESL teachers, the employment center, and my manager and fellow associates at the Humanitarian Center. All of these people have worked together to help me.

My message to all the associates training at the Humanitarian Center is to be on time, keep going with your training, and work hard towards your goals—so one day, you will see your life change completely.

“My life has completely changed. I have a good job and can take care of myself and my family.”

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