I Was Determined

“I made a commitment to complete the program.”

When I began at Deseret Industries, I sat down with my job coach and development specialist to create a development plan. I had a goal to earn a certificate in financial literacy from a local technical school. I let the job coach know, however, that this would be an uphill battle to accomplish because I had quit the same school’s program the year before. I told him that this time I was determined, and I made a commitment to complete the program.

I came to DI with my share of trials, but through weekly follow-up discussions, I was encouraged to work hard. I did work hard each week to accomplish the goals I set for myself at work and at school. After ten months of hard study, I received my certificate in financial literacy.

I began to search for jobs where I could use my new skills. When my job search turned into months, I began to get very discouraged. Then I heard about the Accelerated Placement Program (APP) offered to DI associates. This is a six week program where we are paid while we receive extra help and guidance in our job search. I was accepted into the program.  Every morning I would be one of the first associates to log into the computer for the day. With the support from APP, it only took a couple of weeks to find a good job at a large national department store.

I now face the future with a renewed confidence. I am extremely grateful for Deseret Industries!

“After ten months of hard study, I received my certificate in financial literacy.”

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