Certified for a Great Future

“I have the drive to succeed, but I need the skills.”

I had worked as the manager of a landscape company for about 14 years, but wanted to move in a new direction. Some time ago, I started to work on my own business recycling appliances. Someday, I would like to work as a heavy equipment mechanic. I have the drive to succeed, but I need the skills. When my bishop referred me to Deseret Industries, I didn’t think it would be the place for me.  Growing up, I thought of the DI as a place for those who had broken lives or special needs. This experience, however, has changed my attitude.

I work as a lead on the dock at DI, where people drop off their donations. Working on the dock has taught me how to smile, even when we are very busy. On a typical day, there is a huge variety of items that need to be sorted and sent to the many departments—such as electronics, clothing, small as-is, furniture, and so forth. We also carefully sort out what is garbage and what should go to recycling. The position has taught me how to be both a leader and manager, and how to be understanding and patient with different types of people from all sorts of different backgrounds. I am there to help those who often are having a rough time, to not judge and just help. I have a low key approach and find joy in helping others feel better about their day.

Deseret Industries has helped finance my education and offered me a flexible schedule so I can attend classes.  I have pursued certificates in several areas that will give me choices in the future.  I have earned a forklift certificate and received certification for inspecting trucks and trailers.  I have taken a commercial driver's license course.  I am taking classes in diesel mechanics and refrigeration because truck trailers run off of a special system for cooling. I also hope to complete a heating and ventilation course.

Because of my employment at DI, I participated in a career workshop at the LDS Employment Resource Center.  This workshop opened my mind to a huge variety of jobs that are out there.  They also worked with me to improve my interview skills and taught me how to network for a new job.  I have been able to practice my networking skills while working at DI.  While helping with new donations, I have made many valuable contacts as I talk with people about their businesses.

Deseret Industries has provided me the opportunities I needed for training, certifications, and working with people.  Having this experience and professional certification will place me further ahead when I go out into the world.  I have no doubt I will get the job I want.

“Having this experience and professional certification will place me further ahead when I go out into the world.”

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