Associates' Stories

“In Deseret Industries, the individual’s labors are fitted to his capacity. Here are found some of the most happy people on the face of the earth.” -David O. McKay

A New Life for People

Deseret Industries has assisted many people in finding jobs and receiving education and training. Read more about these associates' success stories by clicking on their names below.

Jacquene needed better employment and Deseret Industries was there to provide the technical training she needed.  

Jessica found her shyness and lack of education a barrier to finding a good job. The DI training program helped her build confidence and provided training in business technology.

Rod was unable to find permanent employment after he moved to a new city.  Deseret Industries taught him invaluable job search skills, then enrolled him in the Advanced Placement Program where he could focus on finding the right position. 

Shanntel learned a great deal about herself through her participation in the DI training program, discovering hidden abilities and talents.

Kyle succeeded in overcoming his addictions. Participating in the DI training program offered him a positive environment and an opportunity to finish his schooling.

Shun lived in refugee camp in Somalia with her four daughters. After getting settled in America, a local bishop provided her a new future through a referral to the Humanitarian Center for job training and English classes. 

Denis had been on disability for two years. He wanted to become productive, but was concerned about returning to work because of his physical limitations. DI helped pay for the training he needed to be successful in a new career.

Katherine was drawn into the dangerous path of substance abuse after suffering years of trial and deep feelings of worthlessness. DI offered her a place to heal and an opportunity to prove to herself and others that she is worthwhile and competent.

Daren struggled to find employment. DI helped him choose a career goal that he felt good about and then obtain the training he needed to bring him to his new future.

Pelagie, as a refugee from the Congo, had no job skills and little English. The LDS Humanitarian Center helped her achieve her desire to become self-reliant.

Corey suffered through an exhausting battle with alcoholism. DI offered him a chance to prove to himself and others that he had won the fight and that it was worth it.

Cathleen, a single mother with two small children, discovered DI was an answer to her prayers. The opportunity to further her education and achieve certification made it possible for her to provide for her little family.

Brandon returned from serving two years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He wanted to serve others while developing his job skills and gaining work experience. 

Nadine was living at home and attending college, yet longed to be on her own and self-sufficient.  She was surprised to have an opportunity for technical training funded by Deseret Industries.

Mike had suffered both financial and emotional setbacks following his divorce. At DI he found the support he needed to heal and the skills he lacked to move forward.

Kathi has suffered from drug addiction and its many consequences for over 33 years. Her experience at DI taught her that her past can be forgiven and that hard work is rewarded.

Gary’s doctor told him he needed to make a career change.  Deseret Industries gave him the support and training he needed to propel him into a new job.

Grace was struggling financially as a newly single mom. A business partnership gave her the opportunity to showcase her talents and new job skills, resulting in a great job.

Ray made the decision to escape a life of self-destruction and poverty. DI provided him the opportunity to begin his new life with a new career.

ZamZam found language and cultural barriers overwhelming after immigrating to the United States. DI offered her a chance to work while she learned English and adjusted to a new life.

James was unable to find permanent employment. The DI training program taught him job skills and provided a business partnership where he proved to himself and others his worth.

Angela dreamed of practicing law since childhood, but was unable to find work after graduation.  As a DI associate, she received a business partnership which opened the door to the career she loves.

Brayden came to DI to learn essential job skills.  A team of caring professionals joined with him to form a plan to overcome old habits and become an exceptional employee.

Kari had been a stay-at-home mother until she found herself single and needing to support her three children. Having been out of the job market for a long time she needed to learn new skills and find the confidence to move forward.  Deseret Industries was there to help.

Simote was born and raised on a remote island in Tonga where he learned how to work for the necessities of life.  Deseret Industries offered him the job skills training and experience he needs to complement his ambition and determination as he moves towards a new future. 

Alejandra immigrated to the United States where she could raise her family in safety while working in a field she loves. A referral to Deseret Industries offered her an opportunity to use her talents and education in communications.

Monica, an immigrant from Nigeria and mother of two, found herself struggling in a new culture.  After watching a television ad, she discovered for herself how DI could change her life for the better. 

Terri had suffered emotionally and physically from an abusive relationship. Homeless and broken, DI offered her the help she needed in a caring atmosphere that enabled her to see her worth and find hope for the future.  

Brandon's bad back ended his career working at a lumber yard.  Unable to find suitable work for some time, he lost his hope and confidence. Deseret Industries helped him investigate new careers, then obtain the necessary certification to move forward.

Elizabeth had a degree in her native country, but needed to improve her English to complete a certification program in the US.  The assistance she received from DI enabled her to move forward in her career.

Chris came to DI struggling with depression and social anxiety.  His experience at DI expanded his abilities and enabled him to overcome his personal weaknesses and fears.

Brandon had lost hope until DI not only gave him the chance to return to work, but provided him with additional schooling and a business partnership.  He now brings hope to others as he serves in his new career assisting refugees.

Julie wanted a career in the food service industry.  She took advanced classes and participated in a business partnership.  Even though her work was excellent, she wanted to pursue a different path.  A second business partnership landed her in a career she loves.

Walter was laid off after managing a grocery store for fifteen years. A visit to LDS Employment Resource Services introduced him to a new future. With support from the development specialist and DI, he found temporary employment and technical training.

Tawnya lost her job of nine years when the company was bought out. She needed a job to help support her large family.  DI helped her regain her confidence in the future through schooling and job skills training.

Andrew emigrated from England to join his beautiful wife, but was unable to find employment.  Without a car or driver’s license, he had few options until he received a referral to Deseret Industries.

Lisa needed a safe place to heal emotionally and physically, Deseret Industries was this place. Beginning with baby steps, she moved to higher goals until she was able to move to a full-time position that met her desire to be with her children.  

Saul needed to complete his education.  A referral to the LDS Humanitarian Center provided him the time he needed to pursue his degree and an opportunity to participate in a business partnership which lead him to full-time employment helping others achieve their dreams.

Dilli found it difficult to find employment because she spoke very little English.  DI gave her an opportunity to not only improve her English, but to obtain technical certifications for a career in the medical field.

Alan lost his job of 15 years during company layoffs. Unable to find work, he joined DI to explore new career options. The Associate Placement Program helped him gain the confidence to land a good position. 

Coleen needed an income and was unable to find employment on her own. At DI she created a development plan. As her skills and confidence grew, she was able to find permanent employment.

Trevor refused to let Asperger’s syndrome keep him from moving forward towards a great future.  His experience at Deseret Industries not only taught him new work skills, but helped him to overcome his shyness.

Jazmine needed help to be able to support herself and her three girls.  At Deseret Industries she learned marketable skills, gained valuable experience, and found a way to earn her high school diploma.  It wasn’t long before she found a good job.

Poloka refused to be influenced by the gang environment he grew up in.  Job training through Deseret Industries provided him an opportunity to find a career with a future. 

Cheryl spent 29 happy years as a homemaker until tragedy struck and she needed to contribute to her family’s income.  The business partnership offered through DI resulted in her landing a great job.

Shekhar, an immigrant from Napal, left his life and business to build a new future in the United States.  A referral to Deseret Manufacturing provided him an opportunity to improve his skills and achieve certification in accounting. 

Faitasi needed to improve his English and his customer service skills to start a business of his own.  DI provide him the opportunity to develop the skills he needed to be successful.

Jill needed to return to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mother.  DI offered her a safe place to learn new skills and develop the confidence necessary to land her dream job.

Laura knew she needed help to move past her depression and social anxiety. Turning to her bishop for counsel, he referred her to Deseret Industries and a professional counselor who understood her needs.  Working together as a team, Laura found the support she needed to move on to a bright future.

Justin entered the DI training program after finishing high school.  From his experience at DI, he gained the self-confidence he needed to find  meaningful employment and to serve a full-time service mission.

Martin was a volunteer at Deseret Industries, but then he joined the program when he learned how DI could help him expand his career options. 

Ammon wanted to change careers after working as a manager for 14 years. DI allowed him to work a flexible schedule while he attended classes, and they even helped finance his education.

Bedene, a new immigrant from Albania, received a referral to the Deseret Industries training program where she acquired job skills, technical training, improved English, and an introduction to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Benjamin had made some poor decisions that he was afraid would prevent him from getting a job. With help from his job coach and mentor at DI, he was able to expand his options for employment.

Bourahima came to the United States from West Africa and didn't know English very well. With help from Deseret Industries, he was able to enroll in English classes as well as a technical program to prepare him for a career.

Brittany had never had a job and didn't know how to find one. Her bishop referred her to Deseret Industries so that she could work and save some money for college.

Bruce moved from the Marshall Islands to the United States and was unable to find work. DI gave him training and helped him find a business partnership so that he could provide for his family.

Daryl struggled to return to an ever changing marketplace after being laid off from his job at a software company.  Deseret Industries provided an opportunity for him to receive advanced technical training and a business partnership which led to a wonderful staff position. 

Debbie wanted to be a photographer but didn't know where to start. She received job coaching and learned interviewing skills while working at DI, and she eventually found a job doing what she loved.

Elfi was 75 years old when she was referred to Deseret Industries, at a time when she was struggling with depression and self-doubt.

Jake knew he was capable of achieving a better future for his family.  Deseret Industries offered him the opportunity to make a drastic change and encouraged him to pursue higher education.

Joel had just returned from a mission and needed a job. He soon found out that Deseret Industries had much more to offer him than just a job.

Megan had a hard time finding a job after graduating high school, so she went to the LDS Employment Resource Center to learn some very valuable job-search skills.

Rabia left Afghanistan for new opportunities in the U.S., but she struggled when she arrived here. With help from the Humanitarian Center, she took classes to learn English, gain citizenship, and get a driver's license.

Richard was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when he was referred to DI by his bishop.

Ruth needed to restart after a divorce, so her bishop referred her to DI, where she was given a hand up to help her start over.

Suzanne had been a stay-at-home mom for 28 years when she suddenly found herself needing a job. She started working at Deseret Industries, and the staff there helped her set goals to start a career.

Suzie hadn't worked full-time for seven years and worried that she wouldn't be able to find a job, but her coaches at DI helped her gain the skills she needed to find meaningful work.

Tiffany and her family had been staying in a homeless shelter but eventually found a place to live. Their bishop helped them with rent and also referred Tiffany to Deseret Industries for a job.

Vanessa had multiple anxiety disorders that made it difficult for her to hold a job. When she began working at DI, she was partnered with a mentor and a psychiatrist to help her succeed.

Vern lost his job and was out of work for over a year. His bishop referred him to DI, where he worked and received assistance to take a course in appliance repair.

Peter needed something better to provide for his young family.  He came to Deseret Industries with faith, hope, and a plan.  With hard work and the support from DI, he found success and a bright future.

Edana was granted political asylum in the United States so that her daughter might receive medical treatment.  Learning English was an important part of her training at Deseret Industries. Her new skills enabled her to find a good job that would support herself and her daughter,  as well as assist her husband and six children in Sudan.

Manuel is a gifted singer with a dream to become a professional entertainer.  Deseret Industries encouraged him to take active steps towards achieving his dream while assisting him to acquire employable skills that will assist him financially as he works towards this ambition.

Maddison, a single parent to three young children, found herself unemployed and alone in a new city. A caring bishop referred her to Deseret Industries where she found support in her efforts to become self-reliant.

Michelle became a widow after a 21 year volatile marriage to a man suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. Left with three children and a grandchild to support, Deseret Industries provided her a safe place to heal, to learn marketable skills, and to receive needed education. 

William wanted a job that he would enjoy doing and offer the security he lacked.  Having dropped out of high school, he knew the only way he would be taken seriously was to finish his schooling. With the financial support and encouragement from DI, he completed his GED and enrolled in college to earn an applied associates degree.   

Cheryl’s referral to Deseret Industries was for more than a few Christmas gifts, it was for the gift of a job. From her training experience at DI, she developed a renewed faith in her Heavenly Father and a trust in others once more.

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