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Jun 24, 2019

Meet Jennifer: Associate Profile

When Jennifer first started working at Deseret Industries, she was homeless and in need of a job. Now her goal is to get her GED and become a phlebotomist.

“I’ve been truly, truly blessed since working here. I never had any ambitions to be a lead or a manager of any kind,” says Jennifer, who now has a goal to become a lead in her area.

Working at Deseret Industries has helped Jennifer realize that she has potential: “I’m actually worth something. I’m actually worth trying for. I’m not so inclined to stay on the bottom anymore.”

Jennifer’s job coaches have helped her recognize her strengths and quit focusing on her weaknesses. She has learned that she has a knack for working with people. “They don’t focus on the downsides of shortcomings of a person. That’s the best part of DI,” she says.

associate Jennifer sorts donations at Deseret Industries