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Dec 16, 2019

Meet Gloria: Associate Profile

“I used to study fashion design in my home country of Ecuador. When I was almost a professional there, I received a notification that said, ‘Welcome to the United States,’” says Gloria.

Coming to the U.S. had its difficulties. In many ways, Gloria was starting from scratch. “It was a shock to start over, especially because I was almost a professional. But God gives me all the opportunities I need for the plans He has for me.”

At DI, Gloria is working to start BYU–Pathway and then get to college. “I would like to go to school for marketing because I would like to have my own business for fashion design,” Gloria explains. She’s excited about the future ahead of her, and this passion helps her work hard to reach her goals.

“DI is an amazing place for growing. Here they teach you how to be a good professional. And I’m growing more confident too,” she says.

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