Oct 2, 2021

Meet Eddie: Associate Profile

“It works out. It always does.”
This phrase has been a mantra for Eddie, a Texas native who recently found his way to Utah with his wife when she was relocated for work. The change was significant for the family, requiring them to uproot and plant in new ground.
“I had to find a job—some type of work—until I could find something permanent,” Eddie says. “The bishop told me about DI.”
Working as an associate has been a big blessing for Eddie. Not only has it provided additional income for his family, but it has also allowed him to prepare for the next step in his journey.
With the help of DI, Eddie is currently in the process of earning his forklift certification and hopes to eventually obtain a job in a nearby warehouse. Beyond that, Eddie has dreams of becoming a diesel mechanic. Nevertheless, Eddie is happy to continue at DI in the meantime.
“The best part of my job is coming through those doors every morning,” he says. “Everybody greets me when I come in. There’s nothing like it.”
DI associate Eddie