Jan 29, 2022

Meet Dirk: Associate Profile

When Dirk was four years old, he had cancer in his leg and was left with a disability that impacted his employment circumstances. After nearly 20 years in construction management and other positions, Dirk was unable to continue in a regular, full-time job. That's when he came to DI. 

“I can do a little bit of everything at DI—sit, stand, and walk,” Dirk says. “It gives me the flexibility I need.”

In addition to providing working conditions suitable for his disability, DI offers Dirk training opportunities. He has completed training in forklift operation, cashiering, and cybersecurity, and he is now taking an IT course through Salt Lake Community College—an educational expense that DI is covering.

“DI is helping me get into IT so that I can use my mind more instead of my physical body,” he says.

Dirk has found great satisfaction in his experience at DI, from seeing what items are donated each day to interacting with other associates.

“It’s a fun place to work,” he says. “They are willing to help you if you’re willing to accept it. They want to help you get to the next step.”

DI associate Dirk