Feb 21, 2023

Meet Andra: Associate Profile

While on the job as a DI associate, Andra can often be spotted sporting a blue pair of over-the-ear headphones. But for her, the device is not about entertainment.

“I wear headphones to help me keep my focus,” Andra explains. “It works wonders.”

As one who has ADHD and Asperger’s, Andra appreciates working in an environment that is conducive to her needs and where she can learn skills necessary to be successful in adulthood. Andra also enjoys having the opportunity to assist others with challenges of their own.

“We have a blind person on our team now, and we’re all doing our best to help him out,” Andra says. “He’s fun to be around, and he’s a great listener. He does really well even though he can’t see.”

As for her own development, Andra has a goal to talk to someone whenever she needs assistance. She has found that her time at DI has enabled her to develop better communication skills and has given her confidence in her interactions.

“I actually used to be an introvert,” Andra says. “Since working here, I’ve become more extroverted. I’m opening up more to people who are newer to me, and it has helped a lot. You need those social skills in order to work well with the team, like talking with supervisors, co-workers, job leads, or pretty much anyone.”

Andra is still unsure what kind of job she wants when she leaves DI for new employment in the future, but working at a grocery store or pet store is currently on her radar. For now, however, she is just glad to be part of a supportive team.

“We are not just a thrift store,” Andra says of DI. “If you get to know the people who work here, you’ll find out we’re just one big happy family. There are friends, and there are people who really care about their teams.”

DI associate Andra