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Sep 24, 2020

DIY Challenge: Unique Porch Planter

Anne Cropper

We at Deseret Industries recently challenged some DIY friends to upcycle some items from Deseret Industries. To make things more interesting, we picked the items! Each of our participants was mailed a mystery box of items to transform. Here’s what Anne did.

When DI invited me to do a DIY mystery box challenge, I was up for anything. I love a good upcycling challenge! I was especially excited to discover that my item was a vintage toolbox. So cool!

a vintage tool box

There are so many fun things I could have done. I am a huge fan of spray painting all the things, and I could have painted it and used it for holding office supplies or garden seeds or small toys. I love unconventional containers! But as soon as I opened the box, I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.

I am a plant lady through and through. We have a huge vegetable garden, and I love growing flowers. It gives me life to grow things in the dirt. I knew right away that this toolbox would make a super cool planter!

I cleared out the toolbox and grabbed the mums, potting soil, and my gloves and shovel. I made sure to use two plants that were big enough to fill the toolbox and were tall enough to work with the box’s proportions.

I am thrilled with how it turned out! I can’t wait to fill my porch with pumpkins and mums!

Besides being unique and unconventional—which I really love—I was thrilled with the price. This toolbox was only $15 at DI whereas a planter this size (that isn’t made of a flimsy plastic) could go for as much as $50 at home décor or garden store.

Be on the lookout at your DI for a cool toolbox or other items you could turn into unconventional planters. I hope this project helped you catch the vision of how to think outside the box and use items in new ways!

Anne Cropper is a mom of five and a content creator. She lives with her family in her childhood home in Southern Oregon. Find her on Instagram @annecropper.